Buying Equipment for Your Farm or Ranch

Hi, my name is Hank Lewis. I live on a small farm with my wife and two teenage children. Neither my wife or I grew up on farms; in fact we were city kids. One major thing we had in common was a desire to live in the country, so we made it happen. My wife loves animals, and I love planting and harvesting crops. By the time we put both our passions together, we found we had a small farm going. When we shop for our equipment and supplies, we are like kids in a toy store. We have learned a great deal about agricultural equipment and supplies. I’m looking forward to sharing some of this knowledge with you. I hope you find my website to be of value.

Tips For Maintaining Beautiful, Large Lawns


Are you  the owner of a large plot of land? Do you want to make sure that it looks even nicer over the upcoming year? Maintaining larger pieces of land is not always as easy as dealing with small yards. However, the maintenance doesn't have to be all that difficult either. Here are some things to remember:

Buy in bulk: In an attempt to save money on maintenance, you may have tried to buy only exactly as much as you needed. However, by spending just a few more dollars, you may be able to get a lot more than you were previously. Instead of just going to the nearest retail store to buy things, look for wholesale grass seed, fertilizer, and other supplies. By buying wholesale, you should be seeing a significant amount of savings in a relatively short period of time. Unlike what you may have heard from other people, not all companies that sell wholesale grass seed and other supplies will require any special information before they will sell to you. As long as you meet their minimum purchase amounts, you'll be able to buy what you need from them.

Overseed: Not all grass seed sprouts. Some of it is stolen by birds, some may be eaten by insects, others may have never been viable in the first place. If you use normal amounts of grass seed on your land, you could end up with ugly, bare patches. The best way to remedy this is to take advantage of your wholesale grass seed and plant more than is necessary once spring arrives. Once the grass starts growing, regular applications of the right kind of fertilizer will ensure that your grassy area continues to grow lush and green all year long.

Water more often: The larger the piece of land that you're tending, the more tempting it is to water less and less in an attempt to save money. Doing this will, unfortunately, wind up costing you more money in the long run. Without sufficient water, the wholesale grass seed that you purchased won't sprout. If it's already sprouted, the lack of water will stunt its growth and you may even wind up killing the grass. That is, obviously, a huge waste of your time, money, and energy. Grass plants can be extremely thirsty, so make sure to provide sufficient water to your grass so that it can continue to grow.


20 October 2016