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Safely Operating Your New Wood Chipper


Buying a wood chipper can be a fantastic purchasing decision if you have a lot of tree limbs and brush to dispose of every year, after the winter storms blow through your property. However, if you have never operated a wood chipper before, then it is important that you understand how to safely operate this powerful piece of machinery. An improperly used wood chipper can cause serious injury to your limbs and can be fatal.

To ensure that you stay safe while using your new wood chipper, follow these simple guidelines:

Secure the Trailer by Chocking Its Wheels

Your wood chipper's trailer is necessary for moving it around on your property, but the trailer's wheels also pose an added danger if the trailer moves around as you are feeding materials into it. Before operating the chipper, chock the wheels in place using large chunks of firewood or heavy cement blocks. If your wood chipper's trailer has wheel locks installed on it, then you need to lock the wheel hubs into place as well.

Dress Appropriately for the Task 

Just as you should always dress appropriately for mowing your lawn, you should also wear protective shoes and clothing for chipping brush and tree limbs. Wearing all of the following protective items is mandatory when you are working with a wood chipper or any other large garden machinery:

  • leather boots
  • leather gloves
  • protective eyewear
  • hearing protection
  • long-sleeve shirt
  • denim jeans

Chippers are loud to operate and tend to fling around a lot of material, so it is vital to completely cover your body and protect both your hearing and your eyesight when you are operating one.

Keep Your Children and Pets Away from the Chipper

Since your new chipper presents a variety of dangers to animals and children, you should always ensure that both are well away from the area that you are using to operate your wood chipper. All it takes is a minute for a child to reach into a chipper or for your dog's tail to wag too close and become entangled in the moving parts.

Feed Only Appropriate Material Through the Wood Chipper

Finally, to keep your wood chipper working well, you should never feed material through it that is too large or not a material it is designed to process. While it may be fun to see how big of a tree limb the chipper will handle or try to chip scrap lumber, these are certain ways to damage your new wood chipper and cause unnecessary danger to yourself as the operator. Click here to learn more about wood chippers for sale.


23 January 2016