Buying Equipment for Your Farm or Ranch

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3 Steps For Starting Your Own Tree Cutting And Removal Company


Tree cutting and removal services are in high demand in many areas, and if you have experience working as a tree cutter or removal specialist for a company, you may feel that it is time to branch out and open up your own business. Running your own tree cutting and removal service can be very rewarding, and more lucrative than working for someone else, but it is important that you take the time to think it through and do things right. Take the following steps if you want to open up your own tree cutting and removal company:

Create a Business Plan

No matter how excited and anxious you are to get your business up and running, it is absolutely essential to have a comprehensive business plan if your want your new tree service company to be successful. If you're going to need to take out a business loan for start up costs, most lenders will require that you submit a business plan before they will borrow money to you.

Purchase the Proper Equipment

As a new small business it is natural to be careful about finances and your bottom line, but in order for a new tree cutting and removal service to be successful, it is very important to invest in the proper equipment. You will need to budget to purchase chainsaws, ladders, pruning shears, and equipment to remove tree stumps from the ground. It is also important to buy safety equipment such as goggles, boots, safety harnesses, and gloves for yourself and anyone that you employ to assist you with tree cutting and removal.

If you can afford it, you may also want to consider buying a hydraulic tree shear machine-- these machines can remove large heavy tree branches quickly, which can make your job easier and maximize profits since you will have more time to take on other jobs. Don't forget to also purchase a company truck large enough to transport all of your tree cutting and removal equipment.

Create a Marketing Plan

Before you even open for business, it is important to create a marketing plan so you can reach customers and let people know about your tree cutting and removal service. You will want to have a professional website that is optimized so you have good search engine rankings, and you should also have fliers and business cards printed. While you're building up your client list, don't hesitate to contact office parks, home owners associations, and apartment complexes to offer your tree cutting and removal services and make professional contacts.


17 January 2016