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Hi, my name is Hank Lewis. I live on a small farm with my wife and two teenage children. Neither my wife or I grew up on farms; in fact we were city kids. One major thing we had in common was a desire to live in the country, so we made it happen. My wife loves animals, and I love planting and harvesting crops. By the time we put both our passions together, we found we had a small farm going. When we shop for our equipment and supplies, we are like kids in a toy store. We have learned a great deal about agricultural equipment and supplies. I’m looking forward to sharing some of this knowledge with you. I hope you find my website to be of value.

3 Ways To Make Your Technical Resume Stand Out To Recruiters


If you are going to apply for technical jobs, such as engineering, welding, or mining, then you need a resume that accurately reflects your abilities. Here are 3 simple ways to make sure that your resume stands out for the jobs that you want.


First, consider the keywords that a recruiter might look for in your resume. For example, if you are in construction, then you should include all skills and keywords that are important for the industry. Some of these words might include:

  • Welding
  • Framing
  • Sheet rocking
  • Dry walling 
  • Woodworking
  • Electrical installation

These are just some examples of skills that you need to include if you already know how to do them. Make sure that if the job requires someone who is an expert at one particular skill, you focus in on that skill as well. Mention the keyword, such as electrical installation, a few times so that it stands out. Do not go overboard though. Adding the keywords too many times can look like spam and unprofessional, so keep it tasteful and read it out loud to make sure it sounds right.


You need to include information about previous compensation for your last few jobs. This will tell a technical recruiter if you are over qualified, under qualified, or if you are just right for the job. Also, list a goal for your salary desired in the future so that the recruiter sees that you have goals and want to advance in your field of work. 


Lastly, you need to provide examples of your past experience in your resume as well as is possible. This means that if you are an engineer, include a sample of some of the engineer schematics you have done for other companies. If you are a construction worker, provide a couple of pictures showing the work that you have personally done. This is especially effective if you did freelance work and did the job without working for another employer. It will show that you have the gumption and the know-how when it comes to your field of work. Just make sure that you only include a couple of examples so that the resume is concise, simple, and easy to go through in less than a minute.

When a recruiter has dozens of resumes to scan through, you want to draw their attention in quickly so that they remember you, and you can do this by adding these 3 simple sections on your resume. Contact Alta Technical Recruiting Services for more information.


2 February 2015