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Using Spanish Keyword Research Tools To Attract The Growing Hispanic Agricultural Market


Hispanic farmers are growing in numbers that are double the national average. 77% of Hispanic farmers own their land, meaning their demographic has the highest level of ownership of all farming groups studied. These 67,000+ agricultural operations earn an annual $120,000 each, and are found in every state in the US. That their numbers grew by 21 percent over the past five years, while there was an overall 4 percent decrease in farmers nationwide, speaks to their emerging presence and purchasing power in the agricultural sector.

You can take advantage of the Hispanic agricultural market by using keyword and other research tools that function in Spanish, and by using the following tips:

Know the correct Spanish terms for English keywords.

Don't rely on your handy college Spanish/English dictionary to give you the correct word or phrase you need. Words for agricultural tools and processes can vary among Spanish speaking regions, among various countries and even among American farming regions.

Find an expert linguist who can create a list for you of the most common Spanish agricultural keywords and phrases. Consider bringing a bi-lingual employee who knows your business into the office for consultation or perhaps offer them a new position on your analytics team.

Find research tools that work in Spanish.

A Spanish speaking or bi-lingual employee will get the most out of sites that work in both English and Spanish. Some research tools that qualify are:

  • Keyword Tool: This newcomer gives you Google keyword suggestions and works in many languages.
  • Majestic: A link index database tool that boasts great accuracy and supports Spanish.
  • followerwonk: A Twitter analytics platform owned by Moz which offers links to Spanish-speaking users.
  • Search Man: Only English and Japanese on site, but will bring up Spanish-content mobile apps, which are the keyword search platforms of choice for many.
  • Cyfe: Cyfe has an amazing dashboard that lets you integrate all sorts of tools and data. The FAQ states it supports Spanish.

Check out tools such as IntelliText.

Developed by the University of Leeds Center for Translation, IntelliText offers both a keyword research tool in 12 languages and a corpora querying tool that creates long tail keyword lists in those languages.

It is recommended you read the user guide to get the most out of the IntelliText site.

It doesn't have to cost a fortune to utilize Spanish keywords to drive Hispanic farming traffic to your ag-related site. All it takes is finding the right people and research tools from a site like to make it happen.


7 November 2014